C – Cromer Crabs

By Michael Martin On April 04, 2016 · Add Comment · C – Cromer Crabs

Cromer Crabs are famous in these parts, they are infused in North Norfolk culture and are sought after by locals and visitors alike.

Firstly they are a sought as a delicious food and secondly by the thousands of children who ‘crab line’ from the pier every year, or maybe its the other way round?

Cromer crabs are brown crabs that are caught off the Northern coast of Norfolk around Cromer village. The chalk shelf and nutrient-rich waters in this region make for a particularly flavoursome, tender and fragrant crab. These are well-meated and have a relatively high proportion of white to brown meat – Slow Food Uk

Cromer, crabs, norfolk
Cromer Fisherman

Around the town there are a handful of shops/stalls attached to the front of what appear to be the family homes of the fishermen. The crabs are prepared in the room behind the facade then displayed in a basic but perfect formation priced by size….

Cromer crabs, norfolk, north norfolk
Cromer Crabs

Freshly caught and dressed these crabs don’t need any fuss a splash of lemon a sprinkle of salt n some pepper.

The food miles are minimum, however, you can hear cheerful languages from around the globe selecting and taking away their crab.

If the gastronomes sound excited in their purchasing it is not comparable to the children down on the pier; armed with crab lines, buckets of sea water and some good local bacon from ‘Icarus Hines‘ perhaps?

The children are amused, competitive and mostly happy; its a great family tradition on the North Norfolk coast.

kids crabbing, cromer, north Norfolk
Crabbing Kit Cromer

C’mon down to Cromer Pier enjoy the sea air, eat a delicious lunch and try and win the “how many have you got” competition, before letting them all go on the beach and setting off back to your delightful seaside holiday cottage, hotel, B&B or maybe your a local and have a short hop home?

Don’t forget the late Spring highlight when the town really goes to well, erm Town with the Crab & Lobster Festival 21st & 22nd May 2016 only forty six days to go…..



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