The Little Blue Shepherd Hut

By Michael Martin On April 12, 2017 · Add Comment · The Little Blue Shepherd Hut

The Little Blue Shepherd hut by the Sea, down on the front on the Bacton & Walcott border sits this rather attractive Shepherd Hut, removed from its countryside/field location and given a makeover it really does make a dashing sight sitting above the golden sands of Bacton beach on the North Norfolk coast. Last weekend […]

Marching On

By Michael Martin On March 19, 2017 · Add Comment · Marching On

Marching on, life at Barn & Beach seldom stands still. As we pass the Ides of March, a time of great change was debated, deliberated and digested. We are looking at how we operate after seven years of business. The upshot? we are Marching on, changing the B&B option and focusing on the promotion of ‘The Little Blue Shepherd […]

Fransham Forge

By Michael Martin On February 07, 2017 · Add Comment · Fransham Forge

Fransham Forge is on the site of the original Crane Fruehauf workings which later became established in nearby North Walsham.  The Crane Fruehauf factory in Dereham collapsed in 2005, laying off its remaining 345 workers. … The site of the first Crane factory known as ‘Crane Corner’ in little Fransham is now home to the Fransham […]

Organic Growth

By Michael Martin On January 24, 2017 · Add Comment · Organic Growth

Organic Growth; a term I like to use when asked of the progress at Barn & Beach and my small band of Norfolk self-catering cottages. Of course, I bang this drum often when discussing my gardens and allotment which of course have lots of Organic Growth, no chemicals pesticides or other undesirables in our gardens, don’t […]

Happy New Year

By Michael Martin On January 04, 2017 · Add Comment · Happy New Year

Happy New Year; I just checked the Environment agency site, it reminded me of the panto line “its behind you”. Out cleaning at Beach House this morning the tide was reaching peak, it was already hurdling the seawall down in the village and the flood wardens were out in force. The departing guests from two of […]

Sugar & Spice Bacton

By Michael Martin On October 08, 2016 · Add Comment · Sugar & Spice Bacton

At Sugar & Spice; last week we had a quick half year review of the Barn & Beach portfolio and were joined for a spot of lunch by the owners of Beach View who hadn’t eaten at Sugar & Spice before. It is a rather pleasant cafe not more than a mile from the Barn & Beach properties, […]


By Michael Martin On September 13, 2016 · Add Comment · September

September; its the thirteenth, a little unlucky for Barn & Beach. Last night a three day booking for the B&B didn’t show up. So, I find myself ‘kicking my heels’, however, we are blessed with sunshine and hints of the oncoming Autumn. There is plenty to do… The lanes around the barn are giving, they are bursting with hedgerow goodies, […]


By Michael Martin On July 06, 2016 · Add Comment · Allotmenteering

When summer is at full tilt, a gentle stroll around the allotment is about as much as I can manage these days, we have no mountains to do the other ‘eerimg’ on anyhoo so its ‘Allotmenteering’….Today I was weeding (in a bun dance) and harvesting too. Norfolk Strawberries, bit like those they are eating at Wimbledon this […]

Where’s Mundesley?

By Michael Martin On June 03, 2016 · Add Comment · Where’s Mundesley?

Where’s Mundesley? Its been a question on the minds of many of the guests at the Beach Houses this week. “Why”? I hear yous ask, well the half-term week 27th May to 4th June 2016 has been probably the lowest point, weather wise since the inauguration of Barn & Beach. The families, brave souls, who have been guests […]

Reflections or Ponderings?

By Michael Martin On May 12, 2016 · Add Comment · Reflections or Ponderings?

Reflections or Ponderings? At the end of my third challenge (2016) my ‘Plants, Produce & Ponderings’ from Norfolk or the allotment I feel rather pleased with how it all went. I now see my AtoZ challenges as a trilogy of the county I live in and now call Home. It began in 2014 via a twitter […]