Z – Zinnia

By Michael Martin On April 30, 2016 · Add Comment · Z – Zinnia

Zinnia, this I have decided as being my cut flower of choice, the form looks good. If you wish to direct sow your Zinnia in the soil, which is often the recommended method, I should wait until towards the end of April. Soil should be rich in organic matter and the bed should get full […]

Y – Yushania Anceps

By Michael Martin On April 29, 2016 · Add Comment · Y – Yushania Anceps

Ye olde Penultimate blog;  Y is for yes, but, and this is a big but, when it comes to this ‘Y’ I’m saying NO, No, no Yushania Anceps or Bamboo on the Lotty! I lived in Hackney, East London before I came out to the coast to set-up my independent holidays with Barn & Beach. The […]

X – Xeranthemum or Xerophyllum

By Michael Martin On April 28, 2016 · Add Comment · X – Xeranthemum or Xerophyllum

Xeranthemum or Xerophyllum? I think I mentioned earlier in the month that I’m giving over a third of my allotment to cut flowers or just flowers this year. Reason? I use a lot of cut flowers in the Holiday Homes. In these times where our lives are blended, work, rest and play all in together, […]

W – Walled Garden

By Michael Martin On April 27, 2016 · Add Comment · W – Walled Garden

The walled Garden at Felbrigg Hall National Trust site is my piece of heaven, since moving to Norfolk in 2010 I have visited this garden throughout the seasons each year. The early spring heralds the opening, whilst there is only the skeleton to admire it is a very fine skeleton indeed, especially the espaliered fruit trees that […]

V – East Ruston Old Vicarage

By Michael Martin On April 26, 2016 · Add Comment · V – East Ruston Old Vicarage

East Ruston Old Vicarage, if you have ever visited this corner of North East Norfolk you will probably be aware of East Ruston Old Vicarage the garden and it’s owners are legendary in these parts. The Old Vicarage garden has been converted, extended and defended by layer upon layer of hedging, fencing and trees and shrubs. […]

U – Umami

By Michael Martin On April 25, 2016 · Add Comment · U – Umami

Umami, sounds a bit like a football chant ‘who’s army’?… I really don’t know much about this ‘Umami’ but was intrigued by the fact that they now bottle it and pop it on the shelf in the local supermarket…You can buy taste, apparently. I chose the topic to open some debate today, for the last […]

T – Time

By Michael Martin On April 23, 2016 · Add Comment · T – Time

Time, a precious commodity, we have to take stock, follow the seasons and the signs. At the Allotment; I always feel I’m chasing time when it comes to sowing, planting, harvesting and tidying; I’m behind time, catching up or thinking about it but seldom on it…but what is it? Time. Is there an exact time to […]

S – Salhouse Broad

By Michael Martin On April 22, 2016 · Add Comment · S – Salhouse Broad

Sunday, following Saturdays rain, there was to be no ‘allotmenteering’, so I popped along to Salhouse Broad, where the 1st Salhouse Scouts hosted a Jamboree for St George’s day (which is tomorrow 23rd April). Also the date  recognised as Shakespeare’s birthday. The Scouts, Cubs, Beavers of North East Norfolk turned out in their hundreds and […]

R – Rotation, Radishes and other Red things

By Michael Martin On April 21, 2016 · Add Comment · R – Rotation, Radishes and other Red things

Back on the plot last night, I managed to plant second early Potatoes, fifty Onion sets and turn over a rather tricky piece of previously uncultivated earth, it had been a path to access two rows of Raspberries. The Raspberries were divided and are now beginning to re-establish the old path is going to have […]

Q – Quiet Please

By Michael Martin On April 20, 2016 · Add Comment · Q – Quiet Please

Quiet Please, I know this Plants, Produce and Ponderings from Norfolk was to be all about our wonderful produce and those who produce it, problem is the weather has kept me from the plot. The artisans appear to be an awfully shy/busy bunch who don’t wish to spill their beans, my challenge has become more challenging than […]