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By Michael Martin On April 30, 2015 · Add Comment · Zoological Garden

Zoology – the study of animals, including their classification, structure, physiology and history, zoological adj zoologist n.

It was the penultimate day of the 2015 AtoZ challenge and after twenty five blogs, (including eight guests) Norfolk gives me an easy option for ‘Z’ the final day; we appear to have a fair smattering of Zoological Gardens.

I picked the one nearest to Barn & Beach it is called Amazona and is located on the outskirts of Cromer. I’m a frequent visitor to Cromer but not the Zoological Garden, I prefer the crabbing on the pier, strolling the promenade and watching the surfers battle with the North Sea; it just seems more like ‘real life’ to me.

Now,  Amazona Zoo is a South American animal adventure set in 150 acres of parkland,

Zoological gardens, Zoos, Norfolk, Cromer
Zoological Gardens

and I’m told is a lot of fun for the young with two outdoor play-parks, a jungle cafe and numerous Amazonian animal enclosures to be enjoyed.

Open from 10 to 5 pm; and all year round is reasonably priced and for the dedicated you can obtain a season ticket, good value at £27 for adults and £20 for children.

Now I don’t know if lady luck was looking over my shoulder but on the approach I was met by a deluge of Amazonian proportions, really, I couldn’t make it up….so I went to have a chat with the lovely lady at the kiosk.

Cromer Zoo, North Norfolk, Seaside, Holidays
Cromer Zoo

It transpired that there is a lot of outdoor activity here and the rain, well, i’m sure it made the animals feel right at home, if only it were a bit warmer!

Me? I headed off back to the town, pier and one of the famed crab stalls that offer delicious ready to eat crustacean.

Cromer crab, crabs, norfolk, zoo
Cromer Crab

Thank you for visiting Norfolk with my guest bloggers and I this April.

Hopefully ‘My Norfolk’ can be your Norfolk, every ones Norfolk.

If you visit, don’t forget to wave, Visit Norfolk in 2015.




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  1. well, I forgot you were in the UK, its been so difficult to check others out and do the posts and live the rest of my life this month, but I hope to see more of your stuff, and perhaps you will like my A-Z posts – some of them at least, if you have time to check them out – smile

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