Z – Zoo (Banham)

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The last day of the A to Z Challenge 2014, although they have offered a reflections day on the 5th May, food for thought; thought provoking, interesting, frustrating, tiring lots and lots of adjectives come to mind, alas its over, nearly.

Zoo’s don’t sit comfortably with Barn & Beach we like our natural world out there in the natural world, however, the opportunity presented itself to visit Banham a couple of weeks back, never look a gift horse in the mouth?

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The kids farm is interesting and there are lots of interaction and feeding opportunities, you can arrange days of interaction with the big animals too, however, it did seem a pricey addition to the day.

The usual menage of monkeys, giraffes, apes & cats all looking a bit fed up and dreaming of another place, this is my opinion of course which was adjusted by the very good, no excellent, chap who leads the falcon display.
“you all think it is a shame this peregrine is tethered all day but here he is with the opportunity to fly and he sits on a roof” it was a very accurate quote, the peregrine only exerted some energy at the point of reward, he was rather majestic too.

Falcons, peregrines, norfolk, zoo
Falcon display

The falconry show was amazing the array of hawks and owls used incredible and all of them putting on a  show that delighted what was easily the biggest crowd of the day!

The vultures,below right, huge and now exceedingly rare are also very impressive to see in this environment,  circling what was described as the biggest hill in Norfolk before being rewarded with treats.


The most thought provoking comment made by the lead man “birds or rather  animals that are able to live and adapt in close proximity to human beings are  those that are most likely to survive”

The Peregrines and the Vultures being living proof of the statement, the peregrines have come back from near extinction in the 1960’s to live in the heart of our cities where they can find an eyrie and food, the vulture on the other hand has less carrion and space than ever and its decline is describe in Wiki ‘ Nearly all breeding failures were due to human activities’   maybe we need to all consider our actions as impacts on the environment in which we exist?

A fitting epitaph to our challenge, ‘trials, trails and triumphs’ discussing and visiting the county of Norfolk.


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  1. Well done on completing your first A-Z Challenge – I did it for the first time last year and I know it’s not easy.

    I went to Banham Zoo three years ago, and as zoos go I was quite impressed by it. I did the ‘meerkat feeding experience’ while I was there – it was brilliant having all those cute little creatures swarming all over me, and the babies were absolutely adorable.

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