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Common phrase that there ‘YardArm’ would’ve been frequently used back in Norfolk’s favourite sons day.

Do you know who I mean then? Must do? as you drive into the “bootiful county” from any direction it states it clearly Norfolk ……’s county!

OK, answers on a postcard (or comment box) for that one above; could win yersel a free trip up to the coast.

With most of the county bordering the sea it is no surprise that great seafarers and Admirals were raised in these here parts; it would be hard to avoid direct contact with that old North Sea living here and if yer that close might as well utilize it eh?

I’m sure Admiral Lord Collingwood and our mystery guest would have shared a few tots of Rum whence the sun reached over the YardArm and there were few French/Spanish ships on the horizon.

In old seafaring tradition I think it safe to say that we are over the YardArm in this here AtoZ challenge, so bottoms up ’til tomorrow and Zzzzzzz’s for one an all!

YardArm, Nautical, Norfolk, Seafarers
Y is YardArm

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