X Marks the Spot

By Michael Martin On April 28, 2015 · Add Comment · X Marks the Spot

There may or may not be pirates in these here parts, I have uncovered some photographs that may prove the theory; X Marks the Spot….

Pirates, Mundesley, Norfolk, golf
Yohoho and a barrel of rum

Now we know those rascals like a drop of the dark stuff and these barrels handily have been marked with the ‘X’ marks the spot?.

Bootylicious Rum indeed, now what about a parrot?

Palm Trees, North Norfolk, Mundesley
Palm Trees

Is that a green fellow up these here palm trees? Or is the green below?

Or maybe he’s taken flight scared off by the spooky tombstones lurking in the shadows;

graves, norfolk, pirates

I dont think there really are parrots in North Norfolk but what of the pirates did they come ashore to terrorize the local landlubbers?

Pirates, golf, mundesley, norfolk

No surely that’s crazy, it is truly crazy; crazy Golf; come and enjoy a game by the seaside in Mundesley, North Norfolk only a short hop from Barn & Beach who are up the coast in walcott, now there be pirates.

X marks the spot!


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