Worstead Festival

By Michael Martin On July 26, 2015 · Add Comment · Worstead Festival

Today marked the date of the 50th anniversary of the Worstead Festival, the village made famous by its wool trade and weavers.

The church had excellent displays of cloth and carpets, local weavers demonstrated their craft and happily chatted with festival goers who were also able to access the church, luckily, as in true English summer festival tradition the rain was relentless.

worstead curch, weavers, cloth
A recent plaque embedded in the ancient church floor

It was my first visit to the festival and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. There is a certain bravado, stiff upper lip among festival crowds in the rain and Worstead didn’t lack ‘heroes'; there were the Norwich Pipe band, the dog show and of course the crowd pleasing tractors; relics of a bygone age.

Lots of variety on the food stalls and a big tent with cookery displays and corny commentary…you’ve gotta love ’em. The Norfolk’s Own Cookbook was displayed on one or two stalls, I hadn’t budgeted to buy a copy as the Duck wraps were favourite for my hard earned cash. The lady on the funky van duly supplied a lovely Duck Wrap, for a fiver (the same price as entry to the festival) and she couldn’t resist adding nice day for Ducks, quack quack…

Worstead Festival. Church, Norfolk
Worstead Festival goers braving the rain.

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  1. Stopping by on the A to Z list! We could sure use a little of your rain here in the US. :) We had a similar festival close to where I live and it was a brutal 95F. The dogs were miserable, a few people fainted, and everything was covered with dust. How the pipers remained standing and playing is beyond me!

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