Where’s Mundesley?

By Michael Martin On June 03, 2016 · Add Comment · Where’s Mundesley?

Where’s Mundesley? Its been a question on the minds of many of the guests at the Beach Houses this week. “Why”? I hear yous ask, well the half-term week 27th May to 4th June 2016 has been probably the lowest point, weather wise since the inauguration of Barn & Beach.

The families, brave souls, who have been guests at the Beach this week haven’t viewed the promontory that is Mundesley and only four miles away over the course of the week.

The fog, rain and wind, not to mention temperature have been akin to early winter on the North Norfolk coast.

Mundesley, North Norfolk, Beach Holidays
Mundesley in the Distance

That’s it, that’s Mundesley ower there look, even on Wednesday, the first day of summer, the view didn’t improve, however, the children loved it; down onto the golden sands of Walcott they charged armed with buckets ‘n spades, footballs, cricket bats…oh the joy.

The joy indeed, they don’t feel the chill and life an adventure a great long thrill

Walcott Beach, North Norfolk, beach Holidays
Walcott Beach

The children they played Beach cricket and screamed with delight at the fall of the wicket, where’s Mundesley wondered the mum and dad peering into the fog.

Mundesley of course is still there, come tomorrow they will see it the weather is going to be fair.

Visit Mundesley with Barn & Beach at Maydrift Cottage at the heart of the village and a five minute stroll down onto the Blue Flag award winning beach.


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