W – Windmills

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Since the A to z Challenge began Barn & Beach have travelled over a fair portion of the county of Norfolk, admittedly mostly to the North-East but still it has been a varied. One feature that you become aware of very quickly, for example, on the way into Mundesley
are the numbers of windmills.

Windmills have hovered in the back ground at Heigham Holmes and on Upton Dyke also on the way to walk the Spits & Points of Blakeney probably the most famous of them all;

Cley Windmill
Cley Windmill

Featured in’ Granddad in my Pocket’ a children’s television show, apparently the former home of singer James Blunt and now a rather successful B&B , so if  for one night only you want to be closer to one of  these great mills that sit patiently on the Norfolk landscape waiting to be restored and loved again, which is very likely they will, you can stay in style at Cley-Next-the-Sea, in a windmill.

Visit Norfolk and enjoy its beauty.

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