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Staying Local

We want to set a challenge to our visitors. Mostly those who B&B at the Barn, it would be harder to monitor the Beach House guests. We want to see who can come up with the best days out local, i.e. without use of the car. By handing in their car keys for the day we would give a little reward based on the effort and ingenuity put into the day.

We have in our ‘bible’ come up with a great many of our own, pub walks, coast and countryside. The mother-in-law does a churches bike ride for charity each September; it is possible to visit dozens over the course of a day in the saddle? One could mix and match pub bike rides and churches on foot. I think from the doorstep you can do a circle that encompasses six beautiful Norfolk churches; Bacton, Paston, Edingthorpe, Ridlington, Happisbirgh & Walcott 

Then there is the sea; fishing mostly from the beach but a few quid could persuade the odd local to take you out in his open top boat for a bit of shrimping, or hand lining mackerel (depending on the time of year and season). A shrimp net can mean spotting to the ‘odd loca’l being witnessed brushing up and down the sea bed chest deep in the north sea, farming those sweet, sweet brown shrimps, in for a penny and all that…

Spring could be the time for art; local studios are willing, for a fee, to provide equipment for a day of landscaping.

Nature lovers in spring can get into the countryside with a good camera or binoculars where they are guaranteed a plethora of birds, deer, small mammals and reptiles to keep you enthralled for hours. As dusk falls Owls and Bats are big favourites and great to watch and photograph.

The summer and fuller foliage mean it’s harder to spot the wildlife however the song is there to remind us that it is always present.

Autumn is great time for foraging and many local walks and treks can provide a novice with an insight to mushroom gathering, a more experienced gatherer had just to get into Ridlington or Bacton woods to find these gems. The children can gather ‘conkers’ and those fantastic leaves that come in handy for art projects.

Or an afternoon with a good kite could be more fun than a long walk.

Winter doesn’t bring many guests to Barn & Beach but those hardy souls that do come see nature unclothed, the wildlife is easier to spot and the pub fire more welcoming than ever!

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