Visit Norfolk in Winter

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Norfolk Geography

Not known for its hills is the county of Norfolk, mostly flat, that’s people’s impression of the place. An old man said ‘its Lincolnshire, that’s the true flat county’! I thought I’d take a look, try the ‘Google’ it offers Wikipedia which gives us two hills in Norfolk, the first being:-

Beacon Hill is the highest point in the English county of Norfolk. On the North Norfolk coast At 338ft the hill known as the ‘Roman Camp’ is now in the care of the National Trust, they maintain it through various donations and membership fees. Beacon Hill is well maintained and a great spot for locals and tourists to enjoy a picnic.

Sounds great a Norfolk hill, it may be time to get the walking boots out and do some exploring, afterall its almost on the doorstep, of Meadowside Barn Bed and Breakfast in Ridlington, North Norfolk.

Norfolk Hay Stacks
Norfolk Hay Stacks

This sounds like a good afternoons walk on a dry day, a 9 mile ridge walk, that luckily will be serviced by the Coast Hopper bus so no need for the two cars and the party of people it is needed to make coastal treks viable. Make sure the timetable is accurate and your pace and clock match it, not a great place to miss the last bus is Norfolk.

Today there is a definite feel of autumn about the place the weather is blustery and bright ahead of the long dark winter of 2013/2014, having said that there are still great winter days to under take this walk.

There was beautiful sunshine two days ago so it may be time to get the hiking boots on and get going, the leaves are falling and have that great crunch under foot.

I think it’s the day for hiking boots a nice packed lunch including a flask of soup, the ordnance survey and a closer look at that ridge walk over Beacon Hill….now where is the Coasthopper timetable.

Barn & Beach relaxing places to stay……

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