V – East Ruston Old Vicarage

By Michael Martin On April 26, 2016 · Add Comment · V – East Ruston Old Vicarage

East Ruston Old Vicarage, if you have ever visited this corner of North East Norfolk you will probably be aware of East Ruston Old Vicarage the garden and it’s owners are legendary in these parts. The Old Vicarage garden has been converted, extended and defended by layer upon layer of hedging, fencing and trees and shrubs.

Internally the Vicarage is a joy to all who visit, even if you just wish to idle in the tearoom and enjoy the fine fare.

East ruston Old Vicarage, North Norfolk, Gardens, Vicarage
Gardens open

Opening is a short week and half  days, however, if you plan well, book your accommodation Wednesday to Sunday and keep an afternoon free you will enjoy one of the countries garden masterpieces.

DeerViewEntranceThe gardens are set on a flat plain, a mile and a half from the North Sea you would think that the quality and quantity of plants grown within wouldn’t be possible. The layering of the hedgerows create a micro climate where it would appear Mr Gray can grow anything.

There are also some natty little touches a hedgerow with a porthole cut into it to frame the iconic Happisburgh Lighthouse  is a real crowd pleaser.

I popped by at the weekend but was a little later than I had hoped, the sky was black and we had already had hail the size of peas…I gave it a miss but will definitely be popping by throughout late Spring and Summer for some garden inspiration.

The Vicarage gardens open from Easter until October, do drop in when in North Norfolk



3 thoughts on “V – East Ruston Old Vicarage”

  1. What a beautiful spot. Found you through the comment you left on our site thanks to the A to Z Challenge. I will be going back through your post to see more!

  2. Saw them on a tv programme years ago. Always fancied visiting. Looks wonderful. Think it’s too far for a day trip from Peterborough. Would need to stay over in a b&b. Now let me think where that would have to be.. One day.

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