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Vernacular n – the common spoken language or dialect of a particular people or place. adj in or using the vernacular.

Arriving in Norfolk in 2010 Barn & Beach can hardly lay any claims to the place and are often reminded ‘doesn’t make you local’ or referred to as ‘incomers’.

Now maybe its the incomers that are the thing, but a recent twitter debate following a ‘word a day’ post by our old friend @wunjot, you know the cycling lady who wrote  G – Guest Blog  if you didn’t read it please do it is rather good! Sorry, digression, now maybe its the incomers but for our money the vernacular is not holding up. The young people want to sound southern, south east, London even, their parents can occasionally utter phrases and terms which really do sound what we expected to hear but the young, well if they do it must be at home!

Shame really Barn & Beach love a regional accent and have had several twitter debates with those trying to maintain that the ‘Norfolk Broad’ can still be regularly heard. Didn’t win us many followers.

Norfolk Vernacular
Norfolk Vernacular

Maybe it was our expectation that Norfolk Broad would be as readily identifiable as say Scouse or Geordie, maybe it is more subtle than that? Lots of the words on this towel are very similar to the Geordie equivalent, maybe its the eastern seaboard or the Anglo Saxon influence? This is another for debate, would love to hear your comments or thoughts on the subject?


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