Under Norfolk Skies

By Michael Martin On April 24, 2015 · Add Comment · Under Norfolk Skies

The topic for this challenge is ‘My Norfolk’, however, so much of my challenge has been influenced by twitter, when I came across this site @NovelFest I couldn’t resist mixing my metaphors and attempted to put together a 140 character short story…Under Norfolk Skies.

Under Norfolk skies is such a popular term used by countless visitors and residents alike, I think the skies are truly magnificent if not  “created by illusion”, the illusion for me is the undulating landscape, because we have no hills or mountains and most people spend their time on the coast the sky has nothing to obscure its grandeur.

Here is my 140 character effort; Under Norfolk Skies.

twitter, norfolk, skies
!40 characters, tweet for Under Norfolk Skies.





Norfolk; visit with Barn & Beach come and enjoy the spaces come and live beneath those skies! Visit Time & Tide in Great Yarmouth.

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