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By Michael Martin On August 08, 2017 · Add Comment · Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance, don’t often preach from the pulpit on this page, why would you? Its a holiday blog featuring all good things Norfolk and occasionally over the border in Suffolk too.

A regular guest (visited Barn & Beach six times!) found out the day before arrival in July that they wouldn’t be able to travel due to a family crisis…They kindly wrote me a review of their experience, here

Flood Warning, January, New Year, Norfolk
Walcott from Beach

We never know when our tides may change, on this occasion I learned a valuable lesson, or maybe two! Always treat others how you would expect to be yourself and Buy some travel insurance, I must admit guilty of not doing the second on many trips myself, so I have been down the local Post Office and got some for the year this time round, there are of course many, many options, Which?

Annual Travel Insurance looks like a good investment to me, however, I’m not a financial adviser so can’t really say….but I’m going with the ease in which my July guest resolve the situation with no financial pain.

Travel Insurance
Nice Little Package





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