The Witton Round from Meadowside Barn

By Michael Martin On December 07, 2015 · Add Comment · The Witton Round from Meadowside Barn

The Witton Round from Meadowside Barn Bed & Breakfast is a door to door walk that takes up to 2 hours, depending on how you like to dawdle when in the countryside.

I enjoyed the walk last week on a calm bright late Autumnal afternoon. It truly is a delightfully peaceful stroll that takes in country lanes, bridleways, footpaths and even a small ascent that allows you the privilege of a view out to see the ships on the horizon…

The Witton Round; North Norfolk; Coastal Parishes
The Witton Round

The trees are fairly bare now, except for winter berries and evergreens. I like this it affords viewing of the birds more easily than on a spring or summers day; I came across several of the small birds we find on our lanes, however, I couldn’t spot the Jays in the oaks, that I swear were laughing.

The Witton Round, of course is not a conventional or listed walk its something I made up partly because its a circular walk from Meadowside Barn also the church on the crest of the ridge is a Round Tower church..

Round Towers Churches; North Norfolk; Witton Round
The Witton Round Tower Church

The Church itself is a classic, with cemetery and Yew tree to complete the image of how an English Church should look.

I shall visit this church again, though probably not on foot, at 6.30 P M on the 18th December when they have their candle lit carol service. I went a couple of years back it is enchanting and they hand out some rather delicious mulled wine and mince pies after the service, if you are in the locale I would heartily recommend it…..

Christmas; North Norfolk; Witton Round; Barn & Beach
Christmas by candlelight

On the stroll back to the barn, down by the village hall, I was lucky to happen upon a red deer mooching around the naked hawthorn hedge that edges the car park. All in all it made for a very pleasant couple of hours, I am a bit of a dawdler so you could do it quicker, but then why would you? There is so much to see on The Witton Round.

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Barn & Beach; The Witton Round; Norfolk; Holidays
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