The Little Wooden House near the Sea

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I’ll start from the beginning.  For many years Bob & I had trawled the coast for our perfect getaway.  My dad had spent most of his adult life working on Norfolk’s sea defences & gave us guidelines within which to search; do not buy on sand or in direct view of the sea & we should do ok.


5 years of searching & we were beginning to wonder whether we should start looking out of county as all properties we had found had either been what dad advised not to buy or way out of our budget.  Then on a really cold, wet & super windy November day, we found the The Little Wooden House & immediately called to view.  Within hours we had fell in love & monies were being transferred.



We love love love The Little Wooden House.  I use the term House quite loosely.  It’s more like a a big beach hut with a very nautical boat like feel throughout.  Its been described as ‘very bucket & spade’!!


We know how privileged we are to have the house.  It gives our children (aged 5 & 9) the freedom that they do not have living in the city.  The outdoor space alone means they can play out (sometimes in the dark with their head torches!).  As a family it has brought us together & forced us to spend & appreciate time as there are not many places you can hide from each other in the house!!

little wooden house, bacton, beaches, north norfolk,
Lounge area


The crowning glory is Bacton itself.  On the whole everyone is really friendly & have all the time to speak with you.  Billy the local shop owner, really goes above & beyond what he needs to do & it adds to the charm of place.  The beach, really needs to be seen to be believed.  There are no crowds & the wildlife is abundant,  We have seen seals & porpoises.  The children have caught with nets, pipe fish, star fish, crabs, shrimps & bloaters.


The Little Wooden House is where my children’s childhood memories will be forged just as mine were in similar wooden houses  near the ocean in Mauritius.

Beacton, beach, north norfolk,
Bacton Beach North Norfolk


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