Y – Yushania Anceps

Ye olde Penultimate blog;  Y is for yes, but, and this is a big but, when it comes to this ‘Y’ I’m saying NO, No, no Yushania Anceps or Bamboo on the Lotty!

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Yushania Anceps

I lived in Hackney, East London before I came out to the coast to set-up my independent holidays with Barn & Beach. The enlightened neighbours planted a row of Yushania Anceps on their side of the fence to create a green screen, Bamboo doesn’t like to be told where to stand and wanders off like an errant child all over the bloody place! for that very reason I would never have it anywhere near my gardens or allotment. It took us all forever to dig out shoots n roots, those neighbours are probably still digging it now…

Yushania Anceps probably would stand up to the salt laden winds we have here on the North East Norfolk coast ( must check at the Vicarage on my next visit) but I’m just saying NO.

Look forward to getting back to ‘cut flowers’ wher I’m going to pick my favourite tomorrow and, of course, the end of the A to Z Challenge for 2016.

Plants, Produce & Ponderings from Norfolk (without too many producers, sadly) ’til tomorrow folks!

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