W – Walled Garden

The walled Garden at Felbrigg Hall National Trust site is my piece of heaven, since moving to Norfolk in 2010 I have visited this garden throughout the seasons each year.

The early spring heralds the opening, whilst there is only the skeleton to admire it is a very fine skeleton indeed, especially the espaliered fruit trees that cling to those red brick walls.

Garden Open, Felbrigg walled Garden, Norfolk
Garden Open

The depth of the loam, the frameworks, the free-ranging chickens and a brown rat stealing their food all easy to identify before the growth begins.

Mid-spring the verdant young shoots begin to appear: enclosed and hence warmer the nature of these walled gardens has allowed blossom to form on fruit trees, out on the coast we are still have bare branches despite May knocking at the door.

I really look forward to a late May or early June visit when things will have developed further before the plants being at full-tilt in July.

Walled Garden, Norfolk, Gardens, National Trust.
A view through the Walled Garden

Harvest is well used here at Felbrigg with much of the produce heading 500 meters over the lawns to the tea rooms.

I will plan a September visit then again in Late Autumn before the trust close the garden for winter.


It is a special place and to see it in different forms of dress throughout the seasons really help focus ones mind on seasonality and what it means in England to planting, planning and the produce.

Join me throughout the year at Felbrigg Walled Garden, North Norfolk?

Pagoda at Felbrigg