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Umami, sounds a bit like a football chant ‘who’s army’?… I really don’t know much about this ‘Umami’ but was intrigued by the fact that they now bottle it and pop it on the shelf in the local supermarket…You can buy taste, apparently.

Umami 5
Umami 5

I chose the topic to open some debate today, for the last few weeks my ‘Ponderings’ have largely not required response or comment, this ‘Umami’ I’m hoping will open debate and tomorrow I will wake to an inbox full of A to Z Challengers comments!

I believe it’s all about taste or the sense of, Salt, Sweet, Sour and Bitter have long been the four recognisable tastes, Western Science has recognised ‘Umami’ (from the Japanese yummy, deliciousness). The Japanese have documented ‘Umami’ as far back as 1908.

What has it to do with the Allotment, food artisans and smallholders? Well, with a bit of thought we could all discover that we are providing the ‘yummy deliciousness’ that the supermarkets have long since lost? The local Farmers Market might be another avenue of discovery?

Take a fresh tomato from the garden or greenhouse and one from the store shelf and the start of the experiment is instantly recognisable. Apparently Tomatoes, the ones homegrown are ‘Umami’.

I’m intrigued…The Beach Place, Ostend Beach, Walcott

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Cromer Crab