R – Rotation, Radishes and other Red things

Back on the plot last night, I managed to plant second early Potatoes, fifty Onion sets and turn over a rather tricky piece of previously uncultivated earth, it had been a path to access two rows of Raspberries.

The Raspberries were divided and are now beginning to re-establish the old path is going to have lots of compost/manure added and when it warms up its going to be my Squash and Pumpkin bed.

Serendipity shone as I realise now two thirds of the ‘Lotty’ is turned and ready to plant that I have created a complete Rotation of the crops to be introduced;

Rotation; Group plants by family, then soil type, for example, potatoes & tomatoes on an area (after manuring) in year one; peas & beans, carrots, parsnips, onions, shallots, leeks and garlic in year two; in year three the cabbage family. Other crops that suffer fewer problems can be grown where convenient.

I have decided, some of the above, adding a corn grid, pumpkins and squashes and then lots of flowers from seed from the delightful ‘Higgledy Garden‘ range;

Higgledy Garden Seeds, Higgledy, garden, flowers
Higgledy Garden seeds

A little trick I picked up from a neighbour, sow a line of Radishes by your flower rows the Radishes come up quickly and help you identify the slower growing seedlings alongside, kind of extension to ‘Catch Cropping’.

Today’s work is done, Rotation, Radishes and other Red things, being lots of flowers for cutting and displaying in my Holiday Homes tomorrow I can begin S – Sowing.