Organic Growth

Organic Growth; a term I like to use when asked of the progress at Barn & Beach and my small band of Norfolk self-catering cottages.

Of course, I bang this drum often when discussing my gardens and allotment which of course have lots of Organic Growth, no chemicals pesticides or other undesirables in our gardens, don’t ya know!

Today has been a good day as I have seen a little Organic Growth on the cottages front too; well its not exactly a cottage this bit of Organic Growth is being constructed as I type.

Shepperd Hut, Norfolk, Cottage Holidays
Shepherd Hut in Progress

The stage is set, almost, last weeks storm surge at Walcott on the North Norfolk coast left us a bit untidy, however, it is nothing a digger and a spare day can’t put right….watch this space

The Plot, Shepherd Hut, Norfolk Holidays, Walcott, Bacton
The Plot Thickens

So as the plot thickens and the winter days quickly pass us by we are racing against time to have “Sandy’s Little Sister” in situ and ready for our first guests around about Easter time.

The Shepherd hut isn’t on Barn & Beach website yet but if your willing to take a chance or enjoy the thought of a blind date? do give us a tinkle and we will put your name down on the guest list for a  very reasonable sum!

Coming to a beach near you soon Barn & Beach’s first foray into the merry world of Glamping, I can guarantee it will be more Glam than cam, it truly is going to be a stunner.

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Recovering from the Surge #NorthNorfolk Coast

As February waits patiently round the corner, the need for our frontage to be made safe and secure becomes ever more urgent.

The Beach House, Beach Place & Beach View have great features to offer anyone wishing to holiday in this beautiful part of North Norfolk, the immediate access onto golden sand being the main attraction.

The beaches at this time of year are delightful, empty, still an oasis of calm and with the return of our beautiful beach after the surge miles of virgin golden sand.

The damage and chaos created by Mother Nature has a flip side and the beach is the evidence to prove this.

The wall itself, we have all agreed will be in keeping with the sea groynes and be retained behind a wooden construction

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Norfolk in Winter

Hen Keeping


They say that grey is the new black in fashion circles. In pet keeping circles apparently the dog is a chick!

Once the preserve of the farmyard, chickens in their various guises are now commonplace in even the smallest city garden.

In casual conversation you tell a friend or colleague I’ve got chickens and they are just as likely to say so have I!

At Meadowside Barn there are five Cochin Bantams roaming the front garden, scratching at the vegetable plot or uncovering some stones, omnivores, they are just as happy with a wriggly worm as they are with a dish of last nights pasta.


Norfolk Chickens
Beach Life, Barn Style

The bantams are a fussy bunch, however, and consider the manufacturers ‘layers pellets’ too common and would appear to rather go hungry than eat them. So it’s a good mix of grain and corn for them, substituted with a few greens, to keep them off the stuff that’s growing in the garden.

In urban areas the fox has become more prevalent and less scared of their human neighbours, this puts your city chicks at a greater risk, as these predators can be lethal. Here its the Gamekeeper!

In the countryside, where foxes are meant to live, a good hen house that can be secured at night is a must to keep the fox at bay. Free ranging chickens in the countryside means that your hens are at risk as a hungry fox will strike at any time and it can devastate the whole coop in no time at all. So do be vigilant as the aftermath can be extremely upsetting.

The positives, and there are many, that an omelette from fresh eggs from the garden is absolute joy. The personalities of breeds such as the Cochin Bantam can keep a conversation going for hours, as guests at the Bed & Breakfast have been known to watch the antics with great humour for unbelievable lengths of time.

The routine for the Cochins fits in perfectly with running a B&B as they like to be out and about early in the morning, let ‘em out when you get up to prepare the guests breakfast, and then watch as they put themselves to bed as the light fails in the evening, you just have to remember to close the door!

Some literature describes the Cockerel Bantam as being ‘Peppery’ in the case of the rooster at the Barn this is an understatement so if you are delivering the post it is not a case of beware of the dog, but do beware he isn’t as cute as his suit suggests!

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