The Museum of the Broads

A guest blog offered at the eleventh hour by the twitter campaign for The Museum of the Broads @MuseumBroads

The Museum of the Broads

In our region we have some of the finest waterways in the country – our museum is dedicated to the history of these beautiful wetlands.  We cover the people, the wildlife, industry, how the broads were formed and of course we also have plenty of boats. The museum even has a fully working Victorian Steam launch!

steam launch, broads, norfolk
Steam Launch

Visitors will find a boat bar next to an exhibition of boat loos, wildlife exhibition, a copyu hat and exhibits coming from the holiday trade as well as much much more!

Each year we have a special exhibition and this year its all Broadland Breweries past and present. Its a fascinating exhibition showing how this industry has evolved, We even have details of the science behind brewing.

Brewing, Broads, Stalham

Keep an eye on our website – for news of our regular one off events! Why not follow use on either Twitter @Museum Broads and Facebook.

May sees our ever popular Boat Jumble on the 10th May and A Wild Night at the Museum on 15th May with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust – both events are part of the Broads Festival during May.

To complement our beer exhibition we are also having a Jazz and Beer tasting evening on July 11th in our beautiful riverside setting.

Why not pop along to our beautiful riverside setting and  “Make it Stalham

Broads museum. stalham. norfolk
Sail entrance to the Museum

Stalham is a short four mile hop from the coastal area base of Barn & Beach, easily accessible for our many guests, the museum of the broads is a gateway to ‘Britain’s Magical waterland’


Nice village,

Iteringham, North Norfolk, Broadland, Anglia

I had never really walked around its boundaries or taken time to stop and admire the architecture

Manor House, Pevenser, Iteringham, Norfolk
Manor House

The Manor House gets a mention in Pevenser – An unusual perfect example of the late c17 house. Red brick seven bays and two storeys, or rather six bays and the big doorway. Rather handsome don’t you think?

I also took time to stroll around St Mary the early c14 dated church with peaceful graveyard and cool, no chilled interior, I didn’t hang around to long before strolling back down the lanes admiring cottage gardens an crossing the bridge over the River Bure, crystal clear and moving swiftly, one can imagine there must be some sport to be had from its banks.

Onto the main event; The Walpole Arms a locally renowned gastropub, like so many tagged with that badge has a lot to live up to, its cosy bar with roaring fire were certainly a nice introduction, now to check the menus……

Walpole Arms, Blickling hall, Norfolk
Walpole arms, Itteringham, Near Blickling Hall, Norfolk.