Reflections or Ponderings?

Reflections or Ponderings? At the end of my third challenge (2016) my ‘Plants, Produce & Ponderings’ from Norfolk or the allotment I feel rather pleased with how it all went.

I now see my AtoZ challenges as a trilogy of the county I live in and now call Home. It began in 2014 via a twitter conversation, I thought I could use the challenge to highlight tourism and promote the county on the whole

2014 – Places to Visit

2015 – The people, their business and what Norfolk means to them

2016 – Ponderings, was meant to be a reflection of the produce/producers.

What have I learned?  Don’t rely on guest blogs! I did well for guests in the middle year but this time round I found the Artisans general response was ‘too busy’ or the new wave in communication ‘Silence’.

Anyhow. I wandered off piste a little and found I was really enjoying my daily posts even if they weren’t what I had planned… It was sometimes tough to sit and write 300ish words each night, however, the challenge really gets you up and out during the day, helping me visit some old favourites...Felbrigg and East ruston to name two gardens of great note in Norfolk.

I’m not sure I will be bringing Barn & Beach to the party next time round but I have on the whole really enjoyed being a challenger and my Norfolk trilogy.

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