Z – Zinnia

Zinnia, this I have decided as being my cut flower of choice, the form looks good.

If you wish to direct sow your Zinnia in the soil, which is often the recommended method, I should wait until towards the end of April. Soil should be rich in organic matter and the bed should get full sun. I sow plants to about a foot apart.

Zinnias are very productive beasties, so keep harvesting the flowers and they will keep coming for yonks. The wise words from Higgledy Gareden.

I have searched tomes at the library followed up the authors on the internet and then decided on one or two flowers for what is going to be my ‘cut flower’ patch down the Allotment.

allotment, Norfolk, England
The Plot

The plot is way to big for me to fill with vegetable crops so I have decide one third will be cut flowers, I have a random selection of about twenty packets of seed, Cornflowers and the like…

Higgledy Garden Seeds, Higgledy, garden, flowers
Higgledy Garden seeds

Zinnias and Thursday’s choice Xeranthemum are going to be my two challenges (having never grown cut flowers before) and needing a new challenge, well this ones over for another year…Hope you have all enjoyed popping by the Allotment for some Plants, Produce & Pondering’s and have picked up one or two little things you can take on your own journey, but remember make it a Slow Journey enjoy the ride!

Allotment, Norfolk, england
welcome to the Allotment, do drop in.


T – Time

Time, a precious commodity, we have to take stock, follow the seasons and the signs.

At the Allotment; I always feel I’m chasing time when it comes to sowing, planting, harvesting and tidying; I’m behind time, catching up or thinking about it but seldom on it…but what is it? Time.

Is there an exact time to sow, grow and reap or is a state of mind, the chap who always has to be first, surely that is a state of mind and has nothing to do with time?

Allotment, Norfolk, Barn & Beach
The Lotty

Today, despite a dreadful weather forecast I spent two hours planting out the last of the ‘spuds’ and tidying an adjacent strip to a neighbouring allotment (so the owner will think I’m a reasonable chap), and my weeds don’t embarrass his onions, or even embrace them.

The Allotment is largely turned now and its time to get the seedlings ready for the beginning of May. We have terrible forecasts for the last week of April “Gardeners Beware” announces the  weatherman each evening after the Channel 4 news…Frost.

Time to take stock, walk down to the beach and admire this flock –

Walcott; seabirds; Norfolk; Holidays
Seagull on Seawall at Walcott, Norfolk

It’s not a bad place to kill time, throw a few stones, dodge a few waves, but you must wrap up warm or be incredibly brave, Norfolk in Spring Time with Barn & Beach.

We are nearly there on this old A to Z Challenge (click if you want to see some others taking part), not much time left now, eh?