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Mostly Norfolk is renowned for its outdoor pursuits, however, some days are to just to wet, to windy, to cold all three at once. Sometimes its nice just to be indoors and what could be better than a live stage performance at one of the regions theatres.

The theatre can come in many forms, it maybe in a village hall, a church, Sheringahm has the Little Theatre a wonderful place to see a pantomime at Christmas time. There is of course the Pavilion Theatre on Cromer Pier and The Granary in Wells-Next-the-Sea.

Norwich has an array of performing arts venues, Barn & Beach, have only visited the Theatre Royal but have an interest in The Playhouse and the rather attractive looking MadderMarket  waiting for a rainy day.

Theatre Royal Norwich
  Theatre Royal Norwich  


Not the most striking theatre from the outside but a comfortable warm place to spend a winters evening.  The  surrounding streets offer an outstanding variety of restaurants for pre or post theatre supper. If  you  are  fortunate there may even be one of the now popular food fairs outside the Forum that are getting rave    twitter reviews.



The Maddermarket just sounds and looks like the perfect place to spend an evening, it doesn’t appear to feature in the Norfolk and Norwich festival however we will certainly find a reason to visit before too long…




For over 90 years the Maddermarket Theatre has been bringing to Norwich the very best in entertainment to perform to appreciative audiences. 

The fabulous  Elizabethan style stage offers a space and an atmosphere that is unique to Norwich and the auditorium seating is the envy of many a theatre for both comfort and legroom.

The Maddermarket Theatre programme runs throughout the year bringing different styles of music, dance, comedy, light opera and much more from visiting artists, groups and companies.

The Maddermarket Theatre is, however, most famous for being the home of The Norwich Players who were first established as a theatre company in 1911.Today the Players remain the mainstay of the monthly Maddermarket in-house productions the standard of which is extremely high. Taken from their website

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  1. I’ve left comments that seem to have disappeared. Hope you get any glitches sorted. Love theatre but never been to Norwich or any of the others you mention. It’s good to let visitors know what’s around that they can do on rainy days.

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