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September; its the thirteenth, a little unlucky for Barn & Beach. Last night a three day booking for the B&B didn’t show up. So, I find myself ‘kicking my heels’, however, we are blessed with sunshine and hints of the oncoming Autumn. There is plenty to do…

Blackberries, autumn, norfolk, holidays

The lanes around the barn are giving, they are bursting with hedgerow goodies, there is an abundance of Horseradish and the Blackberries are changing from that blush rouge to fully ripe and succulent berries, ready to be converted to ‘scrummy’ things in the kitchen.

September, it is time to reach for the pots and pans and start gathering berries and recipes; this delightful ‘Blackberry yoghurt souffle cake‘ is featured in ‘The Dish’ The Sunday Times food magazine. A feature on Apricots  a fruit often over looked and sometime redundant is another great recipe I found in the same publication apricots have a wonderful autumnal colour to them too..

Autumnal, Blackberries, Norfolk, The Lanes, Bed & Breakfast

We are preparing the barn for winter, building up the log-stores, repairing the flints and weather worn red bricks, pointing the mortice especially around the guttering.

The gutters also need to be swept clean but that job can wait until the leaves have mostly come down and the hoppers can be thoroughly cleared of any debris to stop water spouts forming and cascading down the side of the barn.

It is a lovely time of the year, September originally the seventh month of the Roman Calendar and the ninth month in the Julian & Gregorian calendar. Maybe, my missing guest is using the wrong calendar? More roaming than Roman, I think.

September, it is a fabulous time to visit Norfolk with Barn & Beach self-catering or Bed & Breakfast holidays. Do find the time to come and enjoy it?


Sandbank, Barn & Beach, Seaside, Holidays, Norfolk
View from balcony at Sandbank




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