S – Salhouse Broad

By Michael Martin On April 22, 2016 · Add Comment · S – Salhouse Broad

Sunday, following Saturdays rain, there was to be no ‘allotmenteering’, so I popped along to Salhouse Broad, where the 1st Salhouse Scouts hosted a Jamboree for St George’s day (which is tomorrow 23rd April). Also the date  recognised as Shakespeare’s birthday.

The Scouts, Cubs, Beavers of North East Norfolk turned out in their hundreds and the parade through the village to the Broad approximately a mile away was a joy to watch.Knight

Fields Shining, silver armour, solid steel sword, shield with crest Flags 2

maids in medieval dress 1st Salhouse had created a scene that did impress.

Mr and Mrs Henry Cator availed their field which rolls on a gentle slope down to the shore line, the setting was perfect Salhouse Broad is a truly delightful spot in Britain’s Magical Waterland the fanciful rebranding of what everyone knows as The Norfolk Broads!

The field at Salhouse Broad had been used 6th – 9th June 1930 for a Jamboree attended by Lord Baden Powell ‘Chief Scout of the World’

St Geoerge, St Georges Day. Salhouse Broad, Norfolk
St George’s day Parade, Salhouse Broad

So, “once more unto the breach” The stars of this show were St George, Resplendent on his charger, the Scouting movement and Salhouse Broad.


‘Once more unto the breach’ – is from the ‘Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George! ‘speech of Shakespeare’s Henry V, Act III, 1598.







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