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Everybody mentions ‘The Reviews’ be it B&B guests or self-catering holiday guests; the topic always arises “oh, I read your Reviews”. On departure every single guest also, at some point will say “I’ll write you lovely Reviews”!

TripAdvisor, Trip Advisor, Reviews

Of course I smile politely and nod sagely, you see I’m of the belief that only 1% yes one percent who have visited Barn & Beach have ever written us reviews.

With this in mind I set out tonight to try and establish just where we can find our reviews;

Late Rooms for the B&B at Meadowside barn, well there are fifteen on this site, and they’re excellent.

TripAdvisor Barn & Beach well there are ninety eight on this listing, again excellent.

Then there is Trip Advisor, set up by who knows? for each individual property e.g. Beach View there are nine for this little gem!

So potentially we have 9×8 (properties) = 72 more reviews on the independent pages of TripAdvisor?

I think there are some reviews on Google the three I found on that link are unusual, in that one person has never visited, one is known and one is a genuine guest, hhhhmmmm….

We are trialing the seafront cabins with the chaps over at AirBnB the Little Blue Shepherd hut sees the most activity on that site and in total there we have seven reviews.

So, a quick five minute search of the web has unraveled 195 (one hundred and ninety five) reviews of Barn & Beach  activity. Excellent, and surprisingly pass the predicted account for about one percent of people who have visited “Barn & Beach Since 2010″ The actual is probably nearer to 9% (nine percent).

#VisitNorfolk  Barn & Beach holidays, come and enjoy the seasons on the ‘Norfolk Coast’

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter; relaxing places to stay…

No Booking Fees!



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