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Tricky, to write what you feel about the A to Z challenge, the strangest thing for Barn & Beach was the ending. Not the fact  that you don’t have to write again the next day but The End. It just came and went with not even a puff of smoke! Thought there may have been some announcement or listing of those who completed the challenge, but no, nothing, nada, zilch….it was just finished.

This was Barn & Beach’s  first A to z challenge and it was a great motivator to get out and about in the county of Norfolk. Sometimes you get settled in those comfy routines and you forget what is on the doorstep.

So the overall winner was getting out exploring new places, re-visiting old ones and meeting some lovely people along the way, reckon there is enough mileage in the county to do it all again next year…plans are already afoot!

Visit North Norfolk, the Broads, Norfolk & Norwich.

walcott, north Norfolk, seaside, beaches
Tractor on Walcott beach North Norfolk



8 thoughts on “Reflections”

    1. Hi thanks for dropping in. I did indeed finish the challenge but cant figure out how to download the widget!
      Congratulations on your own blog, tried to leave comment but it wanted me to set up account etc…
      Happy Blogging

  1. What’s with the double captcha…password, does that mean I’ve joined something?

    Why is there a tractor on the beach? Not a normal thing, I would think, curious. Am out road tripping, as I’ve continued to blog a-z in May

  2. Congratulations on completing the challenge.

    I kind of like the way the challenge just ends. It’s almost like you can hear the collective sighs of hundreds of bloggers around the world. Everyone’s so exhausted from the big push that it takes a few days for the celebration to gather momentum through the Reflections posts. 😉

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