Quiet Lanes

By Michael Martin On April 20, 2015 · Add Comment · Quiet Lanes

Quiet Lanes, Bacton, North Norfolk
Quiet Lanes network Bacton

The original Campaign objectives for quiet lanes;
Walk, cycle and ride in safety
Quiet Lanes are designated minor
rural roads intended to pay special
attention to the needs of walkers,
cyclists, horse riders and the mobility impaired.

They are designed to enable users to enjoy country lanes in greater safety and encourage car drivers to respect more vulnerable road users.

Test areas were established in Norfolk and Kent since 1998 with the partnership of local authorities and the countryside agency.

In our local area Barn & Beach holiday homes there is a great network of Quiet Lanes to walk, cycle or ride your horse. Drivers can still use the lanes, however, personal experience is that they seldom do.

Cycling Sustrans route 30 uses the Quiet lane network extensively and you can ride across Norfolk from Great Yarmouth to Kings Lynn, if you have the energy. I have found it particularly enjoyable to divide up sections in bite size chunks.

Illustration for Norfolk Coast Cycleway

Quiet Sunday Stroll, energetic long distance cycle ride? Do look at the Quiet Lane network in your area (the scheme is now rolled out nationally) they are a great way to explore the countryside in a calm safe environment.

Visit Norfolk, visit Quiet lanes with Barn & Beach.

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