Q – Quiet Please

By Michael Martin On April 20, 2016 · Add Comment · Q – Quiet Please

Quiet Please, I know this Plants, Produce and Ponderings from Norfolk was to be all about our wonderful produce and those who produce it, problem is the weather has kept me from the plot.

The artisans appear to be an awfully shy/busy bunch who don’t wish to spill their beans, my challenge has become more challenging than I had anticipated!

So this morning I popped along to the library, where the ‘Quiet Please’ notice I had hoped to photograph, apparently, is not a permissible directive in these enlightened times…

Library, North Walsham, North Norfolk
North Walsham Library

The library does have a rather good selection of gardening books. There are many accounts of allotment management with handy month by month calendars of jobs to do down the Lotty. Book ShelfAllotment On a mild Spring day when you are waiting for the soil to dry to a workable condition there are worse places to spend an hour or two than the reference section of your local library.

I asked the librarian of the ‘Quiet Please’ sign and she kindly took me to their new directives sign which has an awful lot of “No’s” on it but no ‘Quiet Please’ interesting, still its not the place to go for a chat? Happy reading.


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  1. Hello and greetings from another poster in the A-Z Challenge. I’m no gardener, unfortunately, although by a small co-incidence, my son lives in Norfolk and he, also has an allotment! I hope the ground dries out soon, and that you get back to work there. It’s a busy time of year.

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