Plants, Produce & Ponderings

By Michael Martin On March 04, 2016 · Add Comment · Plants, Produce & Ponderings

Plants, produce & Ponderings from Norfolk, this is the title for my next A to Z challenge 2016 (number 229 on the sign up list) please come and visit in April.

I have, via social media, you know twitter and the like and by visiting one or two outlets, been trying to sign up some guest bloggers to tell of their ‘unique’ product made or reared in the beautiful county of Norfolk.

At Barn & Beach I think of our brand as being more of an end user, a great cut of meat, a nice piece of fish, the full Nelson (English Breakfast at the B&B) where good local produce is the star of the show.

Food Hygiene Rating; Five Star
Food Hygiene Rating

A good standard and home cooking is the ethos but still I’m more end user than producer.

The bees have gone, decimated in the winter of 2012/2013 and not yet the confidence to replace them…The allotment, I will be writing about that as its where the green stuff and the flowers for the holiday homes come from, however, the holy grail is one or two ‘Producers’ the people who have the know how, who can also put together a few pictures and 300 words about ‘their’ product.

I have a list but time is of the essence I need some victims/contributors so if you would like a letter any letter AtoZ please do get in touch…YES YOU, I need your tale, the how it came together, the nuts n bolts, laughs, tears, woes and triumphs!

For my part I have from Monday 7th March decided to start penning, phoning and e-mailing some favourites to get the momentum of the challenge going as leaving it until the last minute on this one just wont do….

Plants, Produce & Pondering s from Norfolk, now where was I?



5 thoughts on “Plants, Produce & Ponderings”

  1. Hi Michael – looking forward to your A to Z posts. My garden has gotten a little bit bigger every year that we’ve lived here (central Kentucky). Tami had a great idea on joining the Theme Reveal.

    I see you are a survivor of the 2015 challenge. Welcome back!

    LuAnn (#378 on the list) @ Back Porchervations.
    (and one of co-host AJ Lauer’s #wHooligans)

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