P – Patience

By Michael Martin On April 19, 2016 · Add Comment · P – Patience

Patience, a trait that doesn’t seem to apply in city life, is an almost permanent state of mind out in the sticks.

At the moment I’m patiently waiting for the ground to dry out down the allotment so that I can get back to the pressing tasks of planting spuds, onion sets and peas that have germinated in the greenhouse. They don’t like it to warm, do peas, but I need to be patient before getting them out of the warm humid atmosphere they germinated in.

Whilst I’m extolling the virtue of patience I can see signs of natures patience all around…

Bantams, Beaches, Norfolk
Brooding Hen day Eight

This Pekin Bantam joined us at the B&B in Autumn, as soon as there was a slight upturn in temperature she went to brood, patiently, in thirteen days we may hear the cheap cheap of Spring Chicks in the gardens. (unfortunately even her cosy corner is showing signs of ‘April showers’)

As I sit patiently on a country lane mother duck takes a clutch of waddling ducklings across the road to the pond on the other side…

ducklings, spring, Norfolk
Ducklings crossing, Norfolk

All around us the natural world is Springing,
new life abounds,
its just a matter of time to get those seeds into the ground, Patience patience patience.

There is time to enjoy the natural world just open your eyes, tune your senses and presto there is magic to see everywhere.

Beach, Life , Norfolk
Life’s a Beach..Norfolk


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