Organic Growth

By Michael Martin On January 24, 2017 · Add Comment · Organic Growth

Organic Growth; a term I like to use when asked of the progress at Barn & Beach and my small band of Norfolk self-catering cottages.

Of course, I bang this drum often when discussing my gardens and allotment which of course have lots of Organic Growth, no chemicals pesticides or other undesirables in our gardens, don’t ya know!

Today has been a good day as I have seen a little Organic Growth on the cottages front too; well its not exactly a cottage this bit of Organic Growth is being constructed as I type.

Shepperd Hut, Norfolk, Cottage Holidays
Shepherd Hut in Progress

The stage is set, almost, last weeks storm surge at Walcott on the North Norfolk coast left us a bit untidy, however, it is nothing a digger and a spare day can’t put right….watch this space

The Plot, Shepherd Hut, Norfolk Holidays, Walcott, Bacton
The Plot Thickens

So as the plot thickens and the winter days quickly pass us by we are racing against time to have “Sandy’s Little Sister” in situ and ready for our first guests around about Easter time.

The Shepherd hut isn’t on Barn & Beach website yet but if your willing to take a chance or enjoy the thought of a blind date? do give us a tinkle and we will put your name down on the guest list for a  very reasonable sum!

Coming to a beach near you soon Barn & Beach’s first foray into the merry world of Glamping, I can guarantee it will be more Glam than cam, it truly is going to be a stunner.

Enjoy Organic Growth; Visit North Norfolk with Barn & Beach this Spring.




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