On the Way Home (reflections)

By Michael Martin On May 07, 2015 · Add Comment · On the Way Home (reflections)


The 2015 AtoZ for me at Barn & Beach was a challenge, having covered the beautiful county of Norfolk in the 2014 challenge I decided I would try and get as many of my twitter associates who have an interest in the county to guest for Barn & Beach Blog and these were my after thoughts ‘On the way home’.

Now this is an interesting concept, if you ever try it you may be surprised at how difficult it is to persuade others, people who are normally quite communicative on a daily basis (twitter). Might be mixing the media or the more than 140 characters scenario, but DO be warned some of them haven’t communicated with me since my request (well maybe third or fourth request).

They are indeed people I don’t know and live in a virtual co-existence (twitter) so maybe I set my bar a bit high…I did however get eight guests and it was delightful to see others view on a place or concept they are passionate about

If you look at my blog these were the guests;- Coastal Life, Fairy Fair, The Little wooden House by the Sea, Pugh Ryan, Sophie in the Sticks, The Museum of the Broads, Vacation with Beach View and Walking, to the eight I’m truly grateful. To the others, hope we can become twitter acquaintances again, the challenge is over.

In respect of my blog I didn’t take the ‘catchpa’ off as is expected so that may have led to fewer visits from fellow atozers, I did get 107 comments mostly from the same people, sadly I have had to trash 726 junk posts.

I will be continuing to visit and comment on other challengers sites throughout the year and hopefully make a hat-trick of unique post/places ‘My Norfolk’ in the 2016 AtoZ challenge.

’til next year?

6 thoughts on “On the Way Home (reflections)”

  1. Your captcha is much easier than most.. I offered to post about the Norfolk I know.. You didn’t take me up on that.
    726 junk comments? How does that happen? I have a few and most of those are real not junk.
    I always feel responsible for you AtoZ experience.. I need to get over that! Looks like you’ve already decided to do it next year. You had a great AtoZ and a great reflection.

    1. Hi Lynne
      I’m happy that you look out for me! I tried to copy and paste the title bar of my posts so that people could see I really did get a lot of junk but didn’t know how to do it.
      It was a good challenge in the end, your site looks very professional and your posts indicate lots n lots of hard work/
      i think mine is more of a jaunt, but its a juanty jaunt

  2. Popping over here from the A-Z reflections list. I’ve enjoyed getting a little glimpse of the sights of Norfolk through your challenge posts; what an original idea! Our son lives in the county, so I’ll maybe ‘visit’ again before we next go to see him, for tips on places to go to and see.

    I was another of those tiresome people who left their ‘captcha’ code in place during the challenge. Yes, it probably led to less comments than I’d have got otherwise, but never mind, better than having to delete reams of spam.

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