O – Open gardens

By Michael Martin On April 18, 2016 · Add Comment · O – Open gardens

Open gardens like the ngs (National Garden Scheme) the topic that we finished last weeks part of the A to Z challenge are another initiative to allow gardeners the chance to see how others do it whilst raising money for good causes.

I had hoped to be back on the allotment this morning talking about those who know their ‘Onions’. However, rain has stopped play again with two days solid rain Friday & Saturday making the ground unworkable.

Allotment, Norfolk, england
Welcome to the Allotment

Local to Barn & Beach the village of Bacton is a regular on the round of Norfolk villages to hold open gardens. When we first moved to the area our village Ridlington held regular events, unfortunately, internal politics and an unwillingness from the denizens to pick up the baton and run with it means the event is no longer celebrated.

Open Gardens, Norfolk, Ridlington
Ridlington Open Gardens

The world is never easy place and even in the relatively peacful pursuit of gardening people can find the time to quarrel and put up the barriers, “c’est la vie”

Open gardens are not really an April theme and generally run in June and July when folk’s gardens are at full tilt in bloom, the bees are busy and the butterflies active, it is all so quintessentially English. Hopefully, by June, my allotment will be as I always imagine it with rows of vegetables, climbing frames utilizing the aerial space decked in climbing beans, peas, pumpkins and climbing scented sweet peas. A dream, if only the rain would hold off and let us get to work….

Rain, Norfolk, Seaside, Countryside, Open Gardens
Rainy Days



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  1. I’ve given up imagining my veg plot like that. There are the occasional years I get stuck in and manage to grow things then they grow themselves for a few years then the rose bush, brambles and buddleigh try to take over, then I get stuck in and grow things again. That’s my rotation and I’ve learnt to live with it. Not sure which year this is, probably the ‘get stuck in’ year.

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