Norfolk, the best bits (3)

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To complete my trilogy of Norfolk the best bits I walked out to Blakeney Point yesterday; having checked the weather forecast, a light southerly and the rain clouds hanging off the coast it looked to be the perfect day for the eight mile round trip.

A flask of soup, some sandwiches, fruit and water, stout boots, rucksack, binoculars and my Kingfisher ‘Field Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe’ and plenty of daylight hours ahead of me off I went.

The great thing about this shingle spit that grows westwards out to sea is the isolation! I counted one group of cormorants that numbered seven, and that was more than the number of souls I encountered all day.

The initial walk on the shingle is hard going, recommend the stout boots, and the thighs and ankles feel the strain, after a mile or two hard compact sand, at low tide, is found and the walking becomes more enjoyable.

Once the Lifeboat House is gained (about 11/2 to 2 hours) a spot in the dunes overlooking the estuary is a great place to shelter from the sea breeze open the packed lunch and get the binoculars out.

A Greenshank, Oyster-catcher and numerous Terns were recognisable, however, I didn’t get a glimpse of the Peregrin falcon that had been recorded the previous day.

An aerial view of the Blakeney Spit
Blakeney Point

 An enjoyable lunch hour over I headed along the estuary to the sandy point, home of the famous seals that thousands of visitors observe from the Morston Seal Boat Trips 

On foot you can at this time of year get very close to the colony, however, you are advised not to get to close as some of those bulls could spoil your day (also note at breeding times the tip of the point is closed)

Leaving the seals behind the long walk back gives time to reflect on the beauty and emptiness of the point, also the flowers Yellow horned poppies, sea lavender and sea-blite are prevalent, but a mass of wild Lupins was a really joy and suprise to find!

This is truly one of Norfolks Best Bits  allow yourself four or five hours to savour the beauty!

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