Norfolk, the best bits (2)

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A brisk autumn walk, door to door, from Meadowside Barn  this circuit of Walcott, Ridlington and Happisburgh, pronounced “Haisbro”

From Mill Common Road, a Public Footpath cuts between the cottages and takes you over the field behind Walcott, emerging on the busy Coast Rd take care cut down through the bungalows and you are on Ostend Beach.

From Ostend beach we must make a decision, beach or cliff top, consult the tide table, you need a low tide to get round the point at Happisburgh, at high tide follow the cliff path.

After a mile or so on the cliff top, as we pass the Coastguards lookout, the Church (one of east Anglia’s wool churches) comes into view on what appears to be a hill! Unusual but true..

Norfolk Church Tower


The church tower, if open, is worth a detour as is the graveyard where a memorial to The Invincible can be found, orientated so that it points out to sea where the Ship was wrecked.

In the shadow of the Church is the Hill House a great local pub offering fine ales and a good pub menu.

Exiting the village on the east side we are aware of the presences of The Lighthouse (on your left) a true landmark in these parts.

On the right a lane takes you parallel to the allotments, always worth a stroll through to admire the immaculate gardens and organic produce.

We now head on a small metalled road toward the giant water-tower in the distance as the road bends round the tower you  turn left toward the coast road, cross with care and follow the Footpath Sign across the fields, this is dissected by an obvious bridleway, follow this back to another small metalled road, turn left.

This road now brings you in to the back of Ridlington Village admire the cottages, many selling homemade jams and eggs, as you pass through the village.

Take a track on the right that brings you out on the door step of St Peters Ridlington another tower to admire. From the churchyard a footpath leads you along the field edge adjacent to the road, approx 200 yards on the path turns left across a huge agricultural expanse bringing you back out on Mill Common.

An enjoyable 2/3 hour walk with a pub break at the half way point!

Barn & Beach relaxing places to stay…..

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