Norfolk, the best bits (1)

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A door to door walk, perfect green tourism. From Meadowside Barn there are some real classic coast & country rambles, a favourite is a 2 hour stroll, down Mill Common, passing the Seal and Bird Rescue Trust where the hawks can often be seen taking lunch on the lawn!

Ten minutes brings you out onto the golden sands at Keswick Village behind the hotel there, it is incredible on a clear day like today miles of empty beaches, clear blue sky and the sea looks inviting, but I didn’t come to swim today.

Looping behind Bacton village a short incline brings you up to the old church and through the graveyard onto the Quiet Lanes Scheme passing some fields full of delightful Gloucester Old Spots, an anomaly in this part of the world?

The lane eventually crosses the main North Walsham road and the traffic is fast, take care, once across and cut through Pollard Street; where a chap is splitting his winter fire wood, “supposed to be the hottest day of the year” he murmurs not looking up, “is it?” an incomprehensible grunt and he is back to the logs.

There are signs of Autumn all around, the fields are frantic with activity, potatoes and hay certainly being lifted today:

Norfolk Hay Stacks

Having come over the hill at Witton Church you drop back down onto Mill Common and the beautiful view across the fields sits Bromholm Priory

The priory is open for a service Saturday 15th September 2012 at 11.00am All Welcome.

Then its back down the lane to a welcome seat in the Barn & Beach garden before the sun begins to fade.

Norfolk the best bits aren’t to difficult to find

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