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Norfolk Property Management Services

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Holiday Homes

A holiday home is it a dream, a luxury, unnecessary? There are many debates and views on the phenomena of second home ownership, in some quarters it will make the blood boil, the debate on the legitimacy of such ownership can certainly be guaranteed to kindle the fire.


In some counties, towns and villages, however, there is a need for the holiday property, think of the national parks, the Lakes or the Broads how would the volumes of visitors be accommodated without holiday home ownership and the letting of. Would the majority of us become day-trippers if this affordable option weren’t available?

In North Norfolk many new builds and conversions are only now granted planning permission under the agreement that they are licensed for holiday use only and not as permanent residential homes.

This agreement means they can be let for 52 weeks per year but not for more than 90 days to the same person, I think the understanding is that tourist generate more local income, visit pubs, restaurants, attractions more so than local people do and therefore generate additional wealth to the county. In the case of a rural economy like North Norfolk this injection of income that tourism brings is much appreciated by local business and communities as it surely generates employment and cash flow.

The holiday homes can often be second homes and much cherished possessions of those that own them, however, they may live at considerable distances from the Norfolk coast to visit weekly and maintain the property.

Living and operating on the coast as a rural tourism business Barn & Beach offer a service to private individuals who have property in one of the four immediate villages; – Bacton & Keswick, Ridlington, Walcott and Happisburgh. This service can be from a simple check over to ensure the property is in sage condition to a full-scale maintenance and gardening contract.

If the owners let their homes to tourists we are happy to do the cleaning, supply the welcome pack and meet and greet guests to ensure that an amicable relationship flourishes.

Successful property management is key to the survival of many holiday homes. We at Barn & Beach are only prepared to manage up to twelve properties to ensure that a professional service and high standard can be maintained at all times.


It is important to us to maintain our target of having minimum impact on the environment and contributing to the immediate community in which we live, the slow way.


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