Norfolk Coast

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Norfolk Coast

North Norfolk is an area of outstanding natural beauty. An area where the wildlife abounds, especially birds.

There are some great spots along the coast to visit if you are a ‘twitcher’ or even a novice looking for an alternative day out.

Geese in Flight (Courtesy of K. Yerril)
Geese in Flight (Courtesy of K. Yerril)

A favourite among the guests at Barn & Beach is the eco-friendly centre at Cley-next-the-Sea; Cley spy is the cleverly named site where you can sit indoors and enjoy the views with a telescope from the panoramic windows or pay a small charge to go out onto the marshes and view the birds at close quarters.

In the centre there is good food a bookstore and shop, a genuinely comfortable lounge area where it is easy to loose yourself among the natural beauty that unfolds before you.

If you pay to go out ensure you have a minimum of equipment, some waterproofs, good binoculars and maybe guidebooks on bird species?

There are many hides with good information on what you may be able to spot on the marshes, you can get some real close ups and examine the detail of species you may never have seen before. Most commonly commented on are the Marsh Harriers that are popular denizens of these marshes.

When you have completed your tour of the hides you may want to indulge in another local speciality, crabs. ‘Cookies’ crab shack at Cley is a great place to indulge, outdoors or in enjoy the local cuisine.

For the encore the village itself is well worth a visit, with a windmill, good pottery, some tasty treats from the delicatessen and then a pint of good Norfolk Ale before making your way home.

The Norfolk coast has many villages just like Cley it would be impossible to see this coast in its true glory on one short holiday.

Many guests return time and time again, as they say it is different in every season and there is so much to do across the county they never tire of coast…

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