Norfolk Beach Holidays

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Norfolk Self-Catering

Beach Holiday

Everyone has had one; back in the eighties we all had them packaged to Spain, Canaries, Portugal and the Riviera. I mean beach holidays were the rage, then they became the places to Rave ‘Ibiza’ and beaches further a field ‘Thailand’ that book by ‘Alex Garland’ didn’t he go looking for the perfect spot? Became a bit too much like Lord of the Flies all that battling for leadership etc… not what one expects from a beach holiday.

Accelerate to 2013, who wants to travel to these destinations? I don’t; I went to Budapest a few years ago, the treatment received in Luton airport would have made that bird ‘Elaine Page’s’ voice rise an octave or two, I know they just had some bombs and things but it is no excuse to treat people like they did, anyway never been in an airport since.

So what to do for holidays? Pre-world madness, dust clouds and poor exchange rates or is it a weak currency? I used to holiday only in Spring in the UK, Cornwall, The Lakes, Scotland and a couple of trips to Norfolk, always self catering close to where the adventure could be found. Summer time I would never be found in any of the above on a beach.

A beautiful Norfolk Beach

Now here is the thing we have great beaches all around us we live on an island, and the furthest point from the sea anywhere in the UK is something like 76 miles, I don’t know if that’s correct but it does mean there is a beach nearby

A self-catering holiday on the beach in the UK now that’s the thing, at Barn & Beach the self catering aspect is based on a beach house a house that looks straight into the face of the North Sea a huge expanse and on the doorstep, you do have to negotiate the golden sand before dipping your toe, it’s a tough one, we are never going to have the weather of the Costa’s but challenge yourself, what can we do on our beach that we would never do on theirs?

Go on write a list and then start to think about that UK self-catering beach holiday, what would you really like to do?

Start with a visit to any of our glorious Beach Houses @barnandbeach relaxing places to stay



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