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Bed and Breakfast

How does one come to decide to open their home and let others enjoy the space? What is the incentive to cater for others enjoyment? To run a traditional B & B is a huge choice and will alter your lifestyle.

Business or pleasure, people love the good old-fashioned B & B. However, they are mostly moving into the twenty first century, away from the old-fashioned seaside landlady image and expecting a little more for their money, a few of life’s little luxuries.

Do a quick web search for a Norfolk B&B read the content, one would think that the seaside B & B has no place in modern Britain, its moved on there are flat screens, multi channel, satellite, freeview, wireless internet, ipod docking and digital radios as standard.

The B & B is taking on the mighty hotel chains at their own game. Luxury goods, comfort and electrical gadgets are the key words in today’s B&B website marketing and promotion.

It is still a fact, however, that the business isn’t going to make you a millionaire, it is suggested by most tourist information statistics the B&B operator can expect an occupancy of around 30% as opposed to 55%+ for a hotel operation.

There are some exceptions to the rule, but it is best to base the business plan on the rule? We don’t want too many disappointments, if you do buck the trend then well done another step up the ladder for the traditional B & B. One in the eye for the BIG GUY

Barn and Beach’s bed and breakfast operation on the coast in North Norfolk is typical of the above examples offering all the modern refinements and gadgets that can be expected in any modern bed and breakfast, however, at Meadowside Barn the USP (unique selling point) has become the building and location.


A red brick and cobbled Norfolk agricultural barn converted into a modern home and bed and breakfast, its not everyday you can stay in such a beautiful building, yes it’s a little quirky but give it a go you are on holiday after all, if not is the boss paying?

The location? Well you have to come and experience that for yourself… Barn & Beach relaxing places to stay…..

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