Norfolk A to Z Challenge

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So, I need a list of 26 categories to be covered by blogs in the April challenge, one a day with Sundays off for good behaviour!

week 1

A – big Thank You

B – Beach Houses

C- Colitishall

D – Dunes

E – Eco Tourism

F – Felbigg, walled garden

week 2

G – ?

H – Heigham Holmes

I – Ingham

J – Jarrolds

K – Kelling Heath

L – Lapwings

week 3

M – Mundesley

N – North Walsham

O – Oulton Broad

P – Pier (Cromer)

Q – Quags (Kelling)

R – Rivers & Broads

week 4

S – Spits & Points

T – ?

U – Upton Dyke

V – Van (Ice Cream)

W – Windmills

X – Xeme/Xenial

week 5

Y – Yachting

Z – zip wire (bewilderwood)

Well I need help two categories no subject and one category a bit loose, yes the X words?

Comments welcome….

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