National Trust days out Part 2 – Heigham Holmes

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a hidden gem

A visit to a land of Planes, Drains and wildlife

The National Trust Norfolk offer some great places for a day out with the family or as an individual, Heigham Holmes is a little known treat not to be missed!
On the day we were invited Barn & Beach had an exceptional calm spring day, I write this on Mid-Summers day 2012 listening to torrential rain on the Barn roof.
You must be invited by The National Trust as the swing bridge is closed or rather open, it crosses a navigable waterway. The holme (from danish low lying land surrounded by water) is a special protection area for migrating birds and wildlife.
The twitchers notebook on the day;- Swallows, Sedge Warbler, Corvid, Black Headed Gull, White Egret, Crane, Kestrel, Lapwing (dog fighting a Marsh Harrier) Grey Lag Goose, Shoveler, Gadwall, Swift, Canada Goose, Whimbrel, Marsh Harrier, Skylark, Grey Heron, Red Leg Partridge, Pied Wagtail, Egyptian Geese, Cuckoo, Phesant, Blackbird and a Meadow Pipit.
We also saw Chinese Waterdeer, fox and a Holstein Bull among the famous dairy cattle grazing the land.
The tales of Drains & Planes, SOE Lysander being spotted around the farm buildings toward the end of ww2 and how the land (Dark Blue on the Lidar data survey) is below sea level and managed using intricate pump systems.
If you have any Norfolk tales of mystery and intrigue or of a visit to Heigham Holmes National Trust Norfolk we would love to hear them.

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