N – ngs (National Gardens Scheme)

By Michael Martin On April 16, 2016 · Add Comment · N – ngs (National Gardens Scheme)

ngs (National Gardens Scheme), holds great fascination for a ‘nosey auld’ gardener like me. On the allotment you have open plan voyeurism with the alotmenteers often wandering over for a chat and a peek at what yer up to. At ngs (national Garden scheme) gardens you have to make plans, pay your dues and hopefully get to enjoy some masters, bit like an art gallery but better, in my humble….

Bed and breakfast, Garden, Norfolk
Garden at Meadowside Barn B&B

Who could truly paint replicas of natures palette?

Paint, Nature, Palette

‘Oh! Rare and beautiful Norfolk,’ said the landscape painter John Sell Cotman

I relish the prospect of April coming round and the first of Norfolk’s gardens opening their doors to some eager amateurs like myself.

On the 24th April 2016 the first of the county’s gardens will open its doors (Chestnut Farm has actually had two openings in March) this is all in a good cause to raise funds for charity, since 1927 the ngs (National Gardens Scheme) has raised £45 million for nursing & caring charities!

Chestnut farm  will be open from 11 am to 5 pm being the first garden in Norfolk to open I’m sure there will be much interest, costs a fiver and there are refreshments and home made teas….now where have I put that umbrella?

Visit Norfolk and participate in the ngs (National Gardens Scheme) its all for a good cause and you can pick up some garden inspiration not to mention a cream tea or two!








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