My Norfolk

By Michael Martin On April 15, 2015 · Add Comment · My Norfolk

The theme for this years AtoZ challenge ‘My Norfolk’ I wanted to share with many of the people I follow on twitter. People who have their own ‘My Norfolk’. I wanted as many view points as was possible…. even up to the maximum twenty six letters, hopeful, I know!

I have been lucky as we’ve already had views from Kathy Simms proprietor of Coastal Life, then we had the Fairy Fair with Abbie Panks; next up Dani Cameron told us about The Little wooden House Bacton.

I have provided the other nine topics on top of twenty five in the 2014 challenge, please visit my blog to see some of the delights of ‘My Norfolk’?

We are half way in this years challenge and if you are a visiting challenger I wish you a great second half…

I’m certainly looking forward to more discoveries on the journey with My Norfolk.

Here is hoping we can all meet at the end of the journey, pat ourselves on the back and leave with a sense of fulfillment having learned lots from each other in this years challenge

Here are some of this years competitors do pop by and wish them well?



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