Marching On

By Michael Martin On March 19, 2017 · Add Comment · Marching On

Marching on, life at Barn & Beach seldom stands still. As we pass the Ides of March, a time of great change was debated, deliberated and digested. We are looking at how we operate after seven years of business.

The upshot? we are Marching on, changing the B&B option and focusing on the promotion of ‘The Little Blue Shepherd Hut down by the sands of Bacton beach.

Shepherd Hut; Bacton; B&B; Norfolk
The Little Blue Shepherd Hut

The location and hut are truly unique, a great opportunity for couples or adventurous solo travelers to get away from the modern world for a couple of days, or even a week.

There is no WiFi, and we don’t have dogs…

Flood Warning, January, New Year, Norfolk
Bacton Beach

with a view like this its not an issue. Miles of coast and country for you to go ‘Marching On’ are just the tonic to escape the twenty first century in the natural world.

Do look us up via our B&B option this will link you over to ‘The Little Blue Hut’ and if you have any questions or just want to chat please do give Barn & Beach a call.

Shepherd Hut; NOrfolk; Bacton
The Living Space
Kitchen; Cuisine; Food; Norfolk

The hut is modern, well designed and a delightful space to ‘Be’ in.

Come and visit us in North Norfolk at Bacton-on-Sea

Barn & Beach…relaxing Places to Stay on the North Norfolk coast.





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